This Artist’s Kisses Are Literally a Work of Art

Toronto-based artist Alexis Fraser, a.k.a. Lipstick Lex, is giving the phrase “makeup artist” a whole new meaning. She creates incredibly detailed portraits by kissing the canvas and leaving lipstick prints in just the right places.

Fraser specializes in oil painting, but has also mastered a unique art form that she calls “kiss print pointilism”, which has her applying lipstick to her lips and repeatedly kissing the canvas until the desired image is formed. For the finer details, she draws with the lipstick directly onto the canvas, but most of the work is definitely done by her lips.


Small scale portraits of celebrities like Frank Sinatra or Sophia Loren usually take Lipstick Lex a few hours to complete, but for large scale works, she sometimes kisses the canvas for up to a week and goes through several tubes of lipstick. For example, in 2014, she made a beautiful portrait of Marylin Monroe, for which she kissed the canvas over four days and used two tubes of lipstick.


To see more of Alexis Fraser’s kissed artworks, check out her alternative website, Lipstick Lex, but make sure to check out her mainstream art as well, on


Interestingly, Alexis Fraser isn’t the first kiss portrait we’ve ever featured on Oddity Central. Back in 2011, we introduced Natalie Irish, who coincidentally also got a lot of attention for a portrait of Marylin Monroe created exclusively with lip prints.





Photos: Alexis Fraser/Facebook

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