Japanese Cafe Creates Delicious-Looking Salad Cakes to Make Dieting Less Depressing

Japanese food stylist Mitsuki Moriyasu is on a mission to prove that salads can look much better than they taste. Last year, she introduced the world to the concept of the ‘Vegiedeco Salad’, an exquisite preparation of vegetables made in the likeness of a cake. The hybrid dish was initially featured on the menu of a bistro in Nagoya, but it got so popular that it is now being exclusively showcased at a brand new cafe in the city.

The savory dish consists of colorful layers of vegetables, sandwiched between two soybean-flour sponge and covered in a tofu or cream cheese frosting blended with vegetables for natural coloring. The end result is a sinful-looking salad-cake that is not just a visual treat but also packs a nutritious punch. Containing very little to no sugar, each salad also includes a good amount of roots and peels for fiber.


A wide range of these cakes are now available at The Vegiedeco Cafe, which opened its doors on April 5. The offerings are dainty and meticulously decorated with great attention to detail. A slice of salad cake starts at 735 yen ($6.50), which comes with a special koji (Japanese sake starter mold) dressing. Diners can enhance their meal with a slice of gluten-free bread (resembling a tea cake, of course) made of a strain of ancient rice, and a cup of healthy Vegie Drop Tea (loaded with phytochemicals).



The Vegiedeco Cafe has a seasonal menu, so it’s sure to be a hit among health-conscious folks in Japan. After all, who could refuse a slice of cake that’s both pretty and healthy?


Sources: Daily Mail, Rocket News