Can’t Get a Girl? Website Lets Guys Hire Fake Girlfriends for $5 is a new website where you can hire a girl to do ‘girlfriend-type’ things for you at a cost of just $5. Now before you get your hopes up, there are no ‘dirty’ services available. The website targets tweens and teens, so typical girlfriend activities would include doing your homework, flirting on Facebook, sending naughty texts and making your friends jealous. According to the website, it is “the first place on the internet dedicated to connecting guys and girls, to help guys breakup with their girlfriends, prank their friends, get their ex-gfs back, create a fake breakup message and even hire a girl to do your homework.”

Hiring girls to do fake relationship stuff does sound kind of sad, but there’s no dearth of boys willing to shell out the 5 bucks. Plus, girls get to make some quick money and no one’s really hurt in the process. I checked out the website and there’s a list of girls offering various services, called ‘flings’, ranging from, “I will text you anything for $5” to “I will give relationship advice for $5”. The most popular of them all is, “I will be your Facebook friend for $5”. Isn’t that cool, to be able to make money out of your Facebook friends list? Boys can put up ‘fling’ requests too and these tend to be creative like, “Make a video summarizing Battlestar Gallactica in a skirt or bikini” and “Put 15 tootsie roll pops in your mouth singing the alphabet backward in a bikini”. And there are the more desperate ones with “Send me a fake message on Facebook telling how much fun you had last night”.

The founder of GirlfriendHire is 22-year-old Cody Krecicki, a student of Edison State College, Florida. His aim, he says, is to “make a niche for girls that are in college to make money while they’re busy going to class.” So the site helps girls to “be their own bosses” and guys to “have something fun – a tool to use, if you want to call it that.” He hopes that the Facebook services would become the most popular, because guys generally want to look cool around their friends. Krecicki is quick to point out that he doesn’t want GirlfriendHire to be seen as an adult service, he want it to be “fun and safe.” I wonder how long he can keep it that way, though. I can already spot some ‘adult-type’ services being offered by a few girls.

I wonder if Krecicki was inspired to create his popular new website by China’s rent-a-girlfriend type services we wrote about a while ago. Judging buy the layout and the $5 price tag, Fiverr was definitely a huge inspiration.

via Buzzfeed

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