Dutch Television Hosts to Eat Each Other’s Flesh on Live TV

It’s crazy what people will do on TV for ratings. Now , TV hosts on a Dutch channel are going to eat each other. Literally. Just to see what human flesh tastes like. This might just be the first time cannibalism is broadcast on Live TV.

Guinea Pigs is a show on the Dutch TV channel, BNN. Valerio Zeno and Dennis Storm, the hosts, are going to have their flesh extracted surgically from their sides and buttocks. And then the meat will be served to each of them. Gross! According to Valerio, ever since he saw a movie in which the survivors of a plane crash eat each other to stay alive, he’s always wondered how that would taste. Now he’s finally getting the opportunity to find out. Storm, however, says that he never wondered about this before, but now that he has his chance, he’s taking it. And he’ll always be able to tell people, in response to being asked about the scar on his butt cheek, that Valerio ate him.

Apart from being downright bizarre, the practice might be illegal too. Some sources say that Valerio and Storm may be punishable under law. While cannibalism itself isn’t a crime under Dutch law, surgically removing meat from a healthy body without any medical necessity is illegal. The program itself is actually a science show. The presenters make their bodies available to science, and conduct exciting experiments, with commentary from a panel of ‘wise men’.

Source: RTL.nl 

UPDATE: According to the Daily Mail, the bizarre stunt already took place, and although the two didn’t reveal what human meat tastes like, they said there was “nothing special” about eating a few centimeters of it.