Feline Lover Collects over 2,000 Ceramic Cats

60-year-old Pamela Cole has spent most of her life putting together an impressive collection of over 2,000 ceramic cats, and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

When Ms. Cole says she’s crazy about cats, you best believe she means it – her house in Hollywood, Birmingham is practically full of ceramic cats, from a common replicas of cartoon characters like Top Cat, to 7th century BC Egyptian statuettes.

This unusual obsession with ceramic cats can be traced back to Pamela Cole’s childhood years, in the 1940s, when her mother bought her a cat to stop her feeling lonely. It was a simple pottery cat from a gift store in Corporation Street, but it kick-started her passion for collecting, and from then on she spent her days scouring shops and craft fairs in search of cat china.

There are currently 2,222 cats in Ms. Cole’s collection, from cheap 16¢ ceramics, to rare pieces worth around $1,600, and, although she has no intention of doing so,  Pamela estimates she could sell them all for well over $80,000. ‘It’s practically a full-time hobby. I buy a lot of them over the Internet but still go round antique shops, craft fairs, newsagents, anywhere to find something different.’ who keeps most of her precious cats in a spare bedroom.

Now this what I call a feline fanatic. I wonder if she’s been to the Kuching Cat Museum, in Malaysia, I’m sure she’d find some great additions to her collection there.

Photos by Lawrence Looi/Newsteam.co.uk