FINALLY! Japanese Company Develops Gas-Deodorizing Underwear

Thanks to Japanese company Inodore, the days when passing gas in public was seen as a social taboo may  soon be behind us. If you can keep the noise level down, their odor-deodorizing fabric does the rest, absorbing up to 99% of gas smell.

I know what you’re thinking, fart-proof underwear have been around for a while now, but according to Professor Hiroki Ohge of Hiroshima University they didn’t do such a great job of neutralizing smells. Ohge first got inspired to work on this unusual type of underwear when he traveled to America to study how diseases could affect the smell of people’s flatulence. In theory, by analyzing the smell of gas, along with its main component, hydrogen sulfide, one could be able to tell if he was suffering from a disease without having to succumb to more complicated examinations. While researching in the US, the Japanese professor noticed stores were selling various cushions and shorts that used activated carbon and charcoal to deodorize body smells. After analyzing them he identified some flaws in their design and technology, and upon returning to Japan, he began working on his own improved smell-neutralizing fabric.

He presented his idea to about 50 textile companies, and eventually one of them showed interest in his idea. Because activated carbon and charcoal were found weak and presented the danger of eventually falling out of the clothing, Ohge decided to use ceramic instead. The ceramic material’s countless tiny pores were ideal for the task, and the fact that it was strong enough to hold up to wear and washing made it ideal. Ultimately, the ceramic component was broken down into nanoparticles and attached to the underwear fabric, making it invisible to the naked eye. Completed in 2008, the smell-proof underwear were first introduced in nursing homes for the elderly, where it did a great job of neutralizing both flatulence and old age smell. That’s one of the great things about Inodore’s special fabric, it can mute all kinds of bad smells, from gas to sweat and even that old age smell produced by a chemical known as nonenal.

The Japanese company has used the revolutionary fabric to create all kinds of ingenious undergarments that can cure you of smelly feet, stinky armpits, and block foul-smelling gas. As you can expect, their goods have been received as a godsend by people with sensitive stomachs. “Seeing it advertised on TV I thought I’d give it a try,” one customer said. “I tried farting [in a pair of the underwear] as an experiment and I was truly shocked! The deodorant effect is outstanding!”

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