Forget Bug Spray, Japanese Company Creates Mosquito Net Jumpsuits

In a bid to combat the mosquito menace that plagues Japan every summer, Bibi Lab has released an innovative new product, called the Netsmen Wearable Mosquito Suit. The ‘unusual but effective’ full body suit is perfect for outdoor use – it protects the wearer from mosquito bites by encasing literally every inch of the body in a net!

The lightweight coat is made of polyester mesh, with breathable 1mm holes all over, which are smaller than the holes on a regular mosquito screen. It has a net hood for the head, and covers for the legs and hands as well. Each section can be individually unzipped, folded back, and held in place with fasteners. There’s a zip right around the waist, so using the bathroom shouldn’t be a clumsy affair.


The machine-washable suit comes in three different colors, each with each own kung-fu-inspired name. The blue one is called Azure Sky Summertime Rain, the white is Inn of the White Tiger, and the pink one is named Heavenly Maiden’s Robe of Feathers. Although the suits aren’t designed to let mosquitoes in, Bibi lab suggests spraying it with mosquito repellent as well, for best results.


A recent Rocketnews24 report on the Netsmen suits drew all sorts of mixed reactions from readers. Some said they were unsafe, ineffective and should never be used, while others thought they’d be pretty useful in extreme situations. “10/10 would wear when walking through a jungle,” wrote one person. “Not anywhere else, though.”


“Might as well wear a zentai suit LOL,” joked another.

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen… I’ll take 20,” added a third.


The bizarre jumpsuits are priced at 6,600 yen (US$53). The package includes an illustrated diagram of scenes, depicting various scenarios in which the Netsman suit could be put to use, like the ‘Veranda’, ‘Garage’, and ‘Garden’.

Photos: Bibi Lab