German Rapper Trolls Instagram Followers by Posting the Same Exact Photo Every Day for a Month

They say posting new and interesting photos is a surefire way to success on Instagram, but one German man is proving that content doesn’t always matter. Rapper Maxim Kaizett has been posting the same picture of himself every day for a month, and the number of followers on the popular social network skyrocketed.

Maxim Kaizett, a member of the German hip hop group K.I.Z., only set up his Instagram account at the beginning of last month, but he already has over 40,000 followers. That’s not very impressive for a celebrity, but Maxim’s profile is a bit different. While stars usually flood their pages with new content to keep their fans satisfied, this guy only posts one photo a day, and it’s the same photo every day.

Maxim has been at it ever since July 1st, and two days into August, he’s still posting that same black-and-white photo of himself smiling, captioned with different messages. You would think people would get bored or annoyed with it after a while, but his number of Instagram followers is still growing steadily for some reason. He has even gained the praise of several internet magazines for his unusual approach to social media, and recently went viral in Russia for it.

Most of his followers seem to love his Instagram posting habit, and to those who don’t find it funny anymore, Maxim has a simple and clear message: “I’m the one who decided when it’s not funny anymore”.

Some of his other humorous photo captions include “Change is for those who make mistakes” or “I would post a different photo, but I can’t find anything better”.

So the next time someone says “content is king” on social media, just point them to Maxim Kaizett’s Instagram profile.

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