Introducing the Bloxers – Boxers That Hide Your Erection in Public

I can think of few things more embarrassing for a man than getting an erection in public with no real way to conceal it. Luckily, with Bloxers, that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

From the outside, ‘Bloxers’ look just like regular boxers, but with the ability to ‘block’ an erection from public view. The makers of the revolutionary new product in men’s wear are currently raising money through crowdfunding site Indiegogo. They claim to be all about “happy men, sexually, emotionally, medically.”

“Our new product centers on keeping yourself or the men in your life from experiencing the negative effects of what is fundamentally a very good thing,” the brilliant minds behind Bloxers said. “It’s funny, innovative and ultimately for the better good.”


To create a pair of Bloxers, the makers start with a regular pair of all-cotton boxers, which they wash for a softer feel. Then, they add a ‘deflector shield’ – a hypoallergenic stretch fabric along the inseam and at intervals around the leg. It covers the crotch completely, giving men the freedom to ‘grow’, but at a controlled pace while deflecting to the chosen side.

The stretch fabric is usually elastane or nylon which means it’s ultra-soft, sturdy, and “feels smooth and comfortable against your manhood while providing the necessary breathability.”


The makers hope to raise $20,000 through crowdfunding. With 23 days gone, they’ve raised about $700 so far. If they do manage to raise the required amount, they’ll release what they call the ‘Basics Collection’ in three sizes – small, medium and large – with three alternatives – Righties, Lefties, and Switch Hitters. There will also be three choices of color – grey, white and black.

If they’re able to raise $50,000, they’ll release the ‘Fancies Collection’, with five new patterns. At $100,000, they’ll bring out the ‘Swimsuit Collection’ and introduce customization options as well. With $200,000 in their pocket, they want to open a Bloxers HQ, complete with reception candy. They’ve also declared that 25% of all their profits will go to prostate cancer research.


Their promotional video is really quite hilarious, naming Leonardo Da Vinci as the inspiration behind the marvelous product. Do take a look!

Source: Indiegogo

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