Man Tries Out To Become Cheerleader for Denver Broncos

I don’t think there are any rules against men becoming cheerleaders. But even if there was one, it wouldn’t stop Sacha Heppel, from Colorado, whose dream is to join the ranks of professional NFL cheerleaders. His current mission, to become the first male cheerleader for the Denver Broncos, however, fizzled out when he was rejected by the judges. Heppel competed with 200 other women at the first round of the 2012 Denver Broncos Cheerleader tryouts last Sunday, dressed in a turquoise shirt and tight fitting black pants.

Heppel’s love for dance is what compelled him to try cheerleading. He is not a professional dancer, although he enjoys it very much. “When I dance, I lose myself,” he says. His previous job involved standing at a street corner with a sign where would do several dance routines to keep people entertained. He was disappointed when he didn’t make the cut, but he says he will try hard again next year.

One might wonder if Heppel was discriminated against, on the basis of his gender, but  Broncos Cheerleaders director Teresa Shear says he was treated equally to all other participants. The required turns, leaps and kicks and even simple choreography were explained to him before he gave his audition, but he still couldn’t make it. The NFL has never employed a male cheerleader, although Heppel isn’t the first to try. It will be quite interesting to see who will eventually become the first male cheerleader of NFL. Heppel’s dancing wan’t awful, but looking at the audition video, you can clearly see he isn’t cheerleader material, yet.



via NY Daily News