New Yorkers Can Now Rent Backyards for $50 an Hour

If you’re living in a crammed New York apartment but always dreamed of relaxing in a green backyard complete with white picket fences and a barbecue, you’ll be glad to know backyards are now available for rent right in your own city.

The Participation Agency, a group that unites “brands and investors with creative ventures that shape and challenge the cultural landscape.” has come up with a brilliant business idea that allows New Yorkers to experience life in the suburbs by renting an urban backyard, for $50 and hour. For the eight million people living in New York finding an open space where they can chill out and relax can be a challenge, but thanks to the Timeshare Backyard concept, that’s about to change.

The backyard is located on Ludlow Street, in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a place known as the city’s hipster headquarters, and you can have it all to yourself and up to 30 friends, for just 50 bucks. But this will on get you the green grass under your feet, so if you were hoping for something more, you’ll just have to dig deeper into your pockets. This isnt the bring-your-own-stuff kind of backyard, so you’ll have to rent accessories from the Timeshare Backyard add-on menu. For example, a Slip ‘n Slide will cost you $100, a barbecue is $150, while a kiddie pool will set you back $200. The good news is you can ask for anything, and The Participation Agency will make it happen, for a price, of course. You can even have a local band play for you as long as you pay $5,000 and get a permit.

The Timeshare Backyard was inaugurated on August 11 and will remain in business until August 28. Believe it or not it is nearly booked until the end of the summer.


via Urban Gardens and Reuters