New York, NY: Wed, November 17, 2010:
Artist Nate Hill, 33 and of East Harlem, unveils his latest art project called Punch Me Panda. Replete with a backstory about a poached, mis-shipped and currently homeless panda bear that, in order to get back on its feet, is inviting people to punch him for a penny. In reality, Hill sees this project as a form of publice service (he makes house calls in Brooklyn) to help people release their emotions. To find out where Punch Me Panda will be you can check http://twitter.com/natexhill or text 347-742-2293.

Credit: Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal
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From: http://natehillisnuts.com/home/punch-me-panda/
*Punch Me Panda

Do you ever get so mad that you want to punch something? I’m here for you. My name is Punch Me Panda. Kidnapped from my family in China, I got mailed to the Bronx Zoo. Luckily, my crate got lost in the mail, and I ended up here in Brooklyn. I wandered around the city awhile and ended up living on the street. I noticed that New York City, though wonderful, can sometimes get people down. Things happen here, and they’re not always good.

I got an idea. I need to make some money to eat, and New Yorkers could use some help. So, if you’re frustrated, angry, or just had a bad day, I will come to your house, and you can punch me. I wear a chest protector, and you wear boxing gloves, so no one gets hurt. It costs one cent per punch. With these pennies, I can get on my feet, and you can get out that aggression. Together, we can make our lives better.

Serving individuals and couples, one-time basis or continuous.
Serving all Brooklyn only.

Wednesday, November 17th to Saturday, November 20th. I’m sleeping in my shipping crate in a compassionate office space in Bushwick to stay cozy.

Your home or the Outpost office at:
1665 Norman Street in Brooklyn

For an appointment: Text 347-742-2293 or tweet @natexhill

Credit: Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal

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