Toy Story Fan Changes His Name to Buzz Lightyear

In order to prove his love for the Toy Story franchise, Steve Bolton decided to change his name to Buzz Lightyear.

26-year-old Steve Bolton has been a big fan of Toy Story since the first animated movie came out, and thought he should do something really special to celebrate the premiere of Toy Story 3. The young mechanic says he has been waiting the release of the third film in the series for 11 years, and since he always wanted a cool American name like “Buzz”, he decided to change his name to Buzz Lighyear.

Steve called the UK deed poll service and paid to have his name changed to Buzz Lightyear. Believe it or not, those guys were more than happy to help him out, since he seemed like such a big fan and all. As of Monday, this Brit is able to use his new name on credit cards, bills and even his passport. But what he’s really looking forward to is kids asking him for an autograph of the real-life Buzz Lightyear.

Here’s what he told a British newspaper: “I’m a massive fan of Toy Story, they are my favourite films and I’ve always thought Buzz would be the ultimate action hero – if he wasn’t a toy. But it’s a great name, a great film and my girlfriend is going to love telling people she’s going out with Buzz Lightyear. Her and my mates have told me before that I’ve got a cheesy grin and chin like Buzz, so perhaps it’s a fitting name change.”

Above photos by Lawrence Looi/

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