Urine Iron Man Wins Art Competition

The title is a little misleading, so to make things clear, we’re talking about the face of Iron Man made of real urine, in a toilet bowl. This unusual artwork was actually considered better than 600 other entries in a popular art competition.

You don’t often get the chance to associate Iron Man with urine, but this is one of those rare occasions, and we only have a geeky Taiwanese guy to thank for it. But how does one get the crazy idea to paint a portrait of one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes with urine. Well, this particular art school graduate was taking care of business one day, in the bathroom, when he noticed blood in his urine. Now, most everyone else would have panicked and ran straight to the doctor, but not this fellow. Looking at the colors in his pee, he immediately thought of the colors of Iron Man’s suit, and felt inspired to create a portrait of the popular crime-fighter using his very own urine.

A big fan of the Marvel character, the talented Taiwanese art student even said he has a collection of Iron Man action figures. So to make sure he honored the image of Tony Stark, he spent about two months looking for a toilet bowl with a similar oblong shape as the head of Iron Man. Then when the time came to create the actual excreta artwork, he started consuming edible pigmentation and successfully produced, red, black and green urine, which he then carefully arranged in the shape of Iron Man’s famous visage. For the eyes, the student used his own saliva, which he had to keep producing while the judges rated other works during the contest.


Although it literally stank-up the place during the competition, the blood and urine Iron Man actually managed to beat all the other 600 entries and win the art prize. Apparently the judges were very impressed with the geeky student’s idea, saying it is a breaking of traditional art. Well obviously, the guy used his own urine… What do you guys say, genius, or just plain gross?

M.I.C. Gadget via Geekosystem

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