10 Coolest Finds of the Week #14

Superhero Wages War on Dog Poo (Orange News)

Biggest.Crocodile.Ever (Twisted Sifter)

Light Paintings by Brian Hart (Wooster)

The Ancient Tradition of Fishing with Cormorants (Environmental Graffiti)

Real-Life Spider Woman Climbs 70ft Wall to Avoid Admission Fee (Daily Mail)

Japanese Anti-Aging Goggles Look Pretty Darn Uncomfortable (Book of Joe)

Dude Conquers Super Mario 64 with His Feet (Nerd Approved)

The Mother of All Hotwheels Tracks (Autoblog)

2-Year-Old Girl Brutally Run-Over Twice; 18 People Pass without Helping (Weird Asia News)

Storm Chaser Stares into the Eye of a Tornado (Environmental Graffiti)

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