10 Coolest Finds of the Week #11

Pages from an Amazing Chinese Revolutionary Textbook Written in English (Asia Obscura)

NYC Comedian Gives Out Free Cab Rides to New Yorkers for 14 Hours (Mark Malkoff)

Stag Beetles Locked in Mortal Combat (Environmental Graffiti)

China Inaugurates Gold Dispensing Machine (Reuters)

World’s Youngest Professional Mountain Climber (Huffington Post)

Devoted Piranha Parents Attack Beachgoers in Brazil (Discovery)

Thif Is Caught Trying to Smuggle Hummingbirds in His Pants (Ripley’s)

Pyrographs: Painting with Fiery Molten Glass (Visual News)

Flureboxing Teen (The Awesomer)

How Water Bottles Create Cheap Lighting in the Philippines (BBC)

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