11-Year-Old Boy Dubbed Russia’s Strongest Child After Deadlifting 100-Kg Barbell

While most 11-year-olds are mostly concerned with school, video games, and surfing the web, Timofey Klevakin, a boy from rural Russia, is busy training in the gym and breaking weightlifting records.

Ever since he was five years old, Timofey was interested in weightlifting, watching his father train at a makeshift gym in their home village of Shalya, in the Ural mountains. Noticing his boy’s interest, Arseny Klevakin started training him, despite his wife’s protests over concerns that he was too young. At the age of six, during a regional weightlifting competition, Timofey managed to amaze attendants and judges by deadlifting a 55-kilogram barbell. He’s been working hard ever since, and the now 11-year-old is getting ready to break the national deadlift record for his weight class by lifting a 105-kilogram barbell.

Photo: YouTube screengrab

During this year’s Asian Cup, which was held this summer in the city of Chelyabinsk, Timofey Klevakin managed to deadlift 100 kilograms, which is pretty darn impressive considering his young age and his feeble 38-kilogram weight. But what really attracted people’s attention recently was his training regimen, which includes flipping tractor tires several times his weight, and pulling large tractors and cars with the help of elastic belts.

In his home village Timofey is considered a hero for performing feats that many adults cannot. In fact, he routinely goes up against grown men in weightlifting competitions, some of them half a century older than him, and even places higher than some of them.


One of the most remarkable things about 11-year-old Timofey is that he understands that in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a champion he must put in work and give up some of the things he likes. While other boys his age play, he trains in the gym at least three times a week, and has given up sweets and savory dishes for an athlete’s diet.

The boy’s mother, as well as some child development experts, are worried that the intense weight training may have adverse effects on his health, particularly his spine and knees, but Arseny Klevakin insists that he is always careful not to push his son too hard. He is is father after all and has Timofey’s best interest at heart.


Timofey Klevakin is currently training to set a new record during the Russian Championship, this coming spring, by deadlifting 105 kilograms.