11-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Gouges Crocodile’s Eyes Out to Save a Friend

Rebecca Munkombwe, an 11-year-old girl from Zimbabwe, is being hailed as a hero for allegedly saving a 9-year-old friend from the jaws of a crocodile by jumping on the reptile and gouging its eyes out.

According to Zimbabwean media, Rebecca and her friends had just got back from a swim in a stream near their home village of Sinderela, when they heard the screams coming from the water. The 11-year-old was shocked to see her 9-year-old friend Latoya Muwani being dragged into the water by a crocodile. While all the other children were petrified or running scared, Rebecca Munkombwe allegedly ran toward the water, jumped on top of the crocodile and started gouging its eyes out until it loosened its grip on Latoya.

Photo: vaun0815/Unsplash

“We had just left the water when we heard Latoya who was left alone swimming near the neck deep zone screaming that something was biting her hand. Since I was the eldest among the other seven children, I felt the urge to save her,” Rebecca told The Sunday Times.

The brave girl allegedly sprinted toward the large reptile who had gripped Latoya on the hand and leg, pounced on it and started pounding it with her fists. That didn’t seem to bother the crocodile at all, so she then used her finger to poke at its eyes until it loosened its grip.

“I jumped on top of the crocodile and started beating it with my bare hands before using my fingers to poke its eyes until it released her. Once she was free, I swam with her to the banks where the other children pulled her out of the water. The crocodile fortunately did not attack us after it let off Latoya,” Rebecca Munkombwe added.

Photo: Limboko/Pixabay

Remarkably, the 11-year-old heroine managed to save her young friend without sustaining any wounds, while Latoya was lucky to escape with just mild wounds that were later treated at a regional hospital. Latoya’s parents praised Rebecca’s courage and thanked her for saving their daughter’s life.

“I was at work when I learnt that my daughter had been attacked by a crocodile while swimming. For a moment there I thought of the worst before I learnt that she had survived after being saved by Rebecca,” Latoya’s father, Fortune Muwani, said. “How she managed to do that I don’t know but am grateful to God. Latoya is recovering well here at St Patrick’s and we expect her to be discharged soon as her injuries are not serious.”

Local authorities confirmed the crocodile attack, adding that the number of such incidents was becoming worrisome. Apparently, the lack of easily accessible water sources is forcing women and children to use unprotected sources like this crocodile-infested stream.