22-Year-Old Woman Undergoes 30 Cosmetic Procedures Just to Please Her Boyfriend

A 22-year-old woman from Hong Kong has undergone over 30 plastic surgery procedures in a bid to impress her boyfriend. Berry Ng began getting the procedures when she was only 17, as she wanted to look more like western supermodels. She now regrets her decisions.

Berry NG claims that her plastic surgery addiction began when she saw a beauty center offering affordable student packages that cost HKD 799 (102 USD) for three injections. However, over the course of a few hours, the beautician persuaded her to go for a more expensive package costing HKD 17,000 (2175 USD). Berry was so pleased with the results that she began to seek more treatments and soon found herself addicted to cosmetic surgery. However, things got even worse when she was 20 years old and entered into a romantic relationship with a man nine years her senior.

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Her partner was verbally abusive and continuously insulted her looks, comparing her unfavorably to other women. Berry responded by going on a plastic surgery spree over a six month period, during which time she underwent the majority of her 30 cosmetic procedures. Some of the various surgeries she underwent were blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) and rhinoplasty (nose job). She also suffered injections in her forehead for a rounder look, as well as injections in her lips, cheeks, and chin.

“If he had ever said ‘you are beautiful’ even for once at the time, I would have stopped,” Berry told China Press.

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His final complaint was that Berry’s breasts were too small, which she claims pushed her to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. While she was recovering from that last procedure, she had an epiphany after seeing that her mother was distraught over her addiction. “You were beautiful before all this, but now… you are defiled,” her mother reportedly said.

Berry ended her toxic relationship and is now speaking out via Youtube against cosmetic surgery. Several young women in similar situations have reached out to her via email saying that their husbands or partners found faults with their looks and were pressuring them to undergo surgery.

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“Actually, boyfriends have a huge impact on their girlfriends. A lot of them would say things like ‘my boyfriend said my nose is not sharp’ or ‘my face is too big.’ A lot of them were dumb like me, too. That is why I want to make videos and tell them my experience,” Berry Ng said.

Berry added that she regrets having so much cosmetic work done to her appearance and wishes she could have her old face back. She does not want to undergo any more surgical procedures in the future.

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