8-Year-Old ‘Human Calendar’ Can Accurately Calculate Any Day-Date Configuration until 2068

At first glance, Aryan Parab looks like a regular eight-year-old kid; he likes going to school and playing football with his mates. But ask him a few questions about future dates and you’ll realize that he’s actually a mathematical genius with superhuman computational skills. The boy can work out the day on which any date falls, up to the year 2068, within seconds – faster than his friends can open their iPhone calendars!

Aryan lives in Mumbai, India, with his parents who work as software engineers. He discovered his unique skill earlier this year when he was talking about birthdays and found that he could accurately predict the days of his friends’ birthdays several years into the future. His unique talent has now made him popular as a child prodigy and he regularly entertains audiences with his precise predictions.

His third-grade teachers say that Aryan is also brilliant with numbers. According to his grandfather Suryakant Bhosle, “He loves numbers, and is constantly playing around with dates in his head and coming up with statistics. He is gaining more insight over time, and locks himself up in his room during summer vacation to draw calendars.”


Photo: Kemmannu

“Aryan prepares an entire years’ calendar within 20-25 minutes without using any reference material or glancing at the internet,” Bhosle added.

The boy also seems to have figured out the fact that calendars tend to repeat every 11 years; so he says that a birthday (or any day) will fall on the same day as it did 11 years before. So he probably has 11 years’ worth of calendars memorized, and he’s able to compute dates at lighting speed, instantly providing answers to calendar-related questions.


Photo: Kemmannu

In fact, Aryan’s memory is so razor sharp that he remembers the birthday of every single person he’s met. “He is a ready reckoner of dates, particularly those related to national leaders and national events. He remembers the birthdays of every single classmate, relative, friend and neighbour,” his mother Rupali Parab said. “The other day he pestered me to greet a casual acquaintance over the phone, and I yielded. She was so happy I remembered her birthday that we struck a bond over that conversation.”

But Rupali added that there is a downside to Aryan’s talent: “My telephone bill is going through the roof because he keeps reminding me every day when somebody has a birthday and gets me to call them,” she joked.

Sources: Times of India, Kemmannu

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