A-Team Fan Spends $50,000 to Convert His Van into Iconic Transport

A 40-year-old businessman, Tag Majid, has done something that will make A-Team fans the world over both proud and jealous. He’s actually spent $50,000 to convert an old and bashed-up 1985 GMC Vandura Van into a replica of the legendary vehicle driven by B.A. Baracus on the show. It took him over eight months to complete the project and the vehicle is now decked out in all the colors and features of the original show van. Of course, there are a few of the latest conveniences added as well.

Majid, from Dudley, West Midlands, owns a car rental firm called Just For Hire West Midlands. He actually started the renovation of the van over a year ago, and spent a good amount of time just searching the internet for parts. He wanted to make sure that every detail down to the wing mirror, wheels and even the aerial was exactly the same as on the original. He also added a 26-inch LCD TV, a DVD player and a sound system, to play the A-Team theme tune on loop. It blares out through a speaker behind the front grille.

Photo via Express & Star

The A-Team replica van was unveiled recently, and Majid says that the reaction has been amazing. “We always get people shouting ‘crazy fool’ at us as we drive about town,” he says. His eldest daughter is crazy about the van too, and loves being dropped to school in it. According to Majid, the reaction at the school gates is awesome, everyone stops and stares. Having grown up watching the show, he calls it a timeless classic and he’s not really surprised at the popularity of his van.

Photo via Express & Star

Now Majid has acquired a license that allows him to hire out the van for special occasions, so everyone can enjoy it. And it’s already been booked by 24 brides to be taken to their weddings, and another 26 are in line for next year. Brides and the A-Team sure do make a strange combination. But Majid’s not complaining. “To see people’s reactions when you turn up to collect them for a wedding and just driving around has been just great,” he says.

via Express & Star

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