AI-Powered ‘Perfect Girlfriend’ Earns $30,000 per Month from Lonely Men

Lexi Love is a busty blonde AI model designed to attract not only with her stunning physique but also by engaging her paying subscribers in 30 different languages, 24 hours a day.

The AI model business is booming, and Lexi Love is only the latest example. We’ve already written about similar projects, with Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini, the ‘world’s hottest model’, being among the most popular. Love recently made international news headlines, with her creators – UK-based startup, Foxy AI – claiming that she generated around $30,000 in monthly subscriptions and that she has already gotten over 20 marriage proposals, despite only being active since June 2023. Apparently, Lexi owes her success to the fact that she was designed as more than just a pretty face and amazing body, as she is able to “flirt, laugh, and adapt to different personalities, interests, and preferences.”

Photo: Foxy AI

“With her growing popularity, Lexi has become a lucrative source of income,” Foxy AI CEO, Sam Emara, told Jam Press. “This is a testament to her ability to deeply connect with people and provide them with a fulfilling human-like experience, despite being an AI.”

On the Foxy AI website, Lexi Love appears as a 21-year-old “sushi addict and pole dancing pro.” Her hobbies include yoga and beach volleyball. Paying subscribers can engage in text and voice messaging with Lexi, but they can also request “naughty pictures”. Apparently, some of her fans have become so enamored with the AI model that they’ve sent her marriage proposals.

Photo: Foxy AI

Lexi’s creators claim that she was designed to be a “perfect girlfriend for many men” with “flawless features and impeccable style,” and her massive success in such a short period of time is a testament to the potential of a very lucrative, albeit controversial industry.

News of the AI model’s popularity has received some criticism online, with some labeling it as an advertisement for a “rudimentary” chatbot service. One thing is for sure, AI models are here to stay and they’ll only get more realistic in both looks and interaction as AI technology evolves.