Algerian Vlogger Sentenced to Two Months in Jail for Hugging People on the Street

An Algerian man was recently convicted for indecent behavior and sentenced to two months behind bars for hugging random people on the street to spread peace and positivity.

Mohamed Ramzi, a 30-something vlogger from Algeria, sparked outrage in his home country last summer by posting a TikTok video inspired by a popular European vlogger who became famous for social experiments like hugging random people on the street. Only that kind of thing is apparently frowned upon in Algeria, as the footage sparked outrage and attracted condemnation from the general public, and not even Mohamed’s apology could stop the imminent charges against him. Last year, a court found him not guilty on all charges, but his case was then referred to the Algerian Judicial Council after prosecutors appealed the decision, and this time he was found guilty.

Photo: Anastasia Sklyar/Unsplash

Prosecutors charged Ramzi with indecent behavior for his public hugging clip, and with ‘display of indecency’ for another video that featured two girls wearing short skirts, one of which also had a tattoo. According to the Court’s decision, Mohamed Ramzi has to spend two months in jail and also pay a fine of 5 million dinars ($37,000).

After his videos caused a huge uproar in Algeria, Mohamed Ramzi issued an apology, claiming that all he had meant to do was spread peace and love through his videos. Unfortunately, that didn’t appease his critics, nor the judges.

Source: Al-Ain

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