Anti-Temptation Safe Lets You Lock Away Things You Love for Set Periods of Time

Whether you constantly fall victim to procrastination and just can’t seem to put down your smartphone for more than 10 minutes, or you’re putting on the pounds due to an insatiable sweet tooth, you may want to invest in this “anti-temptation” safe that allows you to lock away things you love for set periods of time.

Sold as a “Kitchen Safe” on Amazon Japan, this ingenious gadget was originally designed to keep users away from stuffing their face with calorie-rich treats, but people have found it to be very effective at curbing their procrastination habits as well. One Twitter user recently posted some photos of his smartphone and Nintendo Switch controllers locked away in this thing, which apparently allowed him to focus on productive tasks.

Photo: Kitchen Safe

“Recently, I’ve been wasting too much time fiddling with my smartphone, and it’s getting dangerous,” Twitter user @ryogomatsumaru wrote. So I bought the container, and it’s been even more helpful than I’d expected in making me get some work done. Totally recommending this for people who can’t stop fiddling with their phones or who easily get distracted at work!”

Photo: Kitchen Safe

A quick look over the dozens of positive reviews the Kitchen Safe got on Amazon Japan reveals that people have found all sorts of uses for it. Some people have used it to lock away their cigarettes in attempt of increasing their chances of successfully quitting smoking, others put their wallet and credit cards in it to curb their mindless shopping habits, and one person wrote that they were using it to deal with their alcoholism.

I know what you’re thinking, this thing looks flimsy, right? What’s to stop you from simply breaking it when you just can’t fight temptation anymore? Well, that’s the genius of it. While it may look relatively cheap, this anti-temptation safe costs between ¥12,850 ($117) and ¥38,815 ($354), depending on size and lid color. Not exactly pocket change, so most users will probably think twice before purposely damaging it.

Even though the Kitchen Safe recently went viral in Japan, it was apparently developed by an American company, and was even featured on the popular show Shark Tank. It’s been around for at least six years, but with smartphone addiction becoming such a serious issue in recent years, it’s probably more relevant than it has ever been.

via SoraNews24