Australian Cafe Charges Different Prices for Coffee Depending on How Nice You Ask for It

The Seven Mile Beach Kiosk Café in Gerroa, New South Wales, doesn’t just serve its customers good coffee, but also a lesson in politeness. In order to reinforce the importance of being nice, the café’s owners are actually charging people different rates for coffee, depending on how they ask for it.

Just so this doesn’t confuse their customers, they’ve put up a sign outside the café explaining their innovative pricing policy. According to the sign, merely asking for “A coffee” will set you back by $5.00. But saying, “A coffee, please” will bring the price down to $4.50. And if you want to go the whole mile, you could say “Good morning, a coffee please.” Then they’ll only charge you $4.00.


The initiative is only two months old, and things have been going pretty well so far. Owner Kev Chilver and his wife Kylie Pickett said they wanted to bring good manners back, and they got the idea after one of their employees saw a similar sign in another shop. And ever since they put up the sign, they said their customers have been making an effort to ask nicely.


“Common courtesy is less common, and we’re trying to bring it back,” Chilver said. “We are in the service industry but we deserve as much respect as anyone else. Please and thank you go a long way.”

Photos: Kylie Pickett

via Daily Mail