Bad night at the museum

This is funny and painful to watch at the same time, but it’s a lot funnier than it is painful. This South-African thief decided that the best place for him to rob would be a museum, and without any careful planning picked its lock and went in. That’s when things started going terribly wrong, the alarm went off, he panicked and decided to make a run for it. He climbed a tree in the museum yard and tried to jump over the spiked fence. But as always, karma comes back and bites you in the arse…or impales you, in this case. His jump wasn’t as good as he hoped and a metal spiked penetrated his…well, you know.

The police had to lift him with a crane before they could arrest him, but he should look at the bright side, when he goes to jail and gets raiped like a little bitch for the first time, he’s not  gonna feel shocked.





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