Bar Themed After Seinfeld’s George Constanza Opens in Melbourne

A new bar in Melbourne is dedicated entirely to the balding and temperamental Seinfeld character George Costanza. ‘George’s Bar’, located in the north-east suburb of Fitzroy, features Costanza-inspired decor, including posters and quotes. A sign outside the bar even encourages patrons to ‘Be more like George’.

The owners came up with the idea because they like Seinfeld and couldn’t get over how perfect George was as a bar theme. “I think he is probably the most suited of any of the characters,” explained co-owner Dave Barrett. “His humour is fairly dark and dry and fits in with a bar, it probably works more than any of the other characters would.”

“Also, when we were developing this new venue, one of the names we came up with was George’s, and we to some extent worked backwards on ways to market that and so to some extent that is where George Costanza came into it as well,” he added. Their marketing strategy has apparently worked – barely two weeks after opening, stories about the quirky theme have gone viral online.


Photo: Tumblr

Some of the Costanza-inspired decor includes quotes like ‘If you believe it, it’s not a lie,’ and ‘Everyone must like me, I must be liked.’ The theme has influenced the menu as well, with dishes like $5 toasties “because George is a bit tight on paying for things.” All the toasties are named after him – the Castanza, the Mom and Pop, the Quitter, the Art Vandalay.


Photo: George’s Bar/Instagram

“We’ll be continually doing things and layering the theme,” Barrett added. “There’s a whole bunch of autographed photos I’ve bought that are all in transit, that will all get added to as well.” The owners also have plans to bring in Costanza-inspired artwork from local artists in the future. “One guy contacted me last night who lives in Melbourne and who is in the middle of eight different George Costanza paintings. We are talking about doing a show with him.”


Photo: George’s Bar/Instagram

Despite the homage he’s paying to a popular character of a hit show, Barrett says he’s aware that it’s not solely going to contribute to the success of his bar. “Cheesy bars in Melbourne aren’t really a thing,” he said. “After 20 years in this business I think I’ve figured that out so we’re making it a solid bar in it’s own right as well.”


Photo: George’s Bar/Facebook

Sources: The Sydney Morning Herald, The New Daily

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