Bizarre Face Bra Allegedly Helps Wearers Get Rid of Their Double Chins

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get rid of that unattractive double chin without dieting, exercising or going under the knife? Well, it turns out you can, all you have to do is wear a weird-looking ‘face bra’ for a while and the double chin magically disappears.

Similar to the chin straps used after plastic surgery to keep the tissue tight during recovery, the Face Bra relies on compression to allegedly sculpt wearers’ faces and help them get rid of drooping facial fat. It works for “slimming down your face” or getting rid of a double chin, and the Australian company selling it claims that even a one-time use can help you lose up to one centimeter of fat…

Photo: Face Bra

“Get rid of your double chin and slim down your face with the Face Bra. No painful diets, hours on the treadmill, or tedious face exercises needed,” the Face Bra website states. “By using the Face Bra for 40 minutes 3-4 times a week, you’ll start noticing chin and face fat reduction with every use.”

The Face Bra allegedly works “by boosting your lymphatic system and releasing toxins and stored sodium through sweat.” Simply strap it around your face and wait. You can wear it for 30 minute intervals or, better yet, over night and just watch your double chin evaporate.

“The Face Bra will also perform skin tightening through frequent use restoring loose and sagging skin by reshaping the facial contour and delivering long-term firming results,” the product’s official website states.

Personally, I though this thing was a joke when I first saw it, but apparently it recently went viral after an ad that ran on Facebook attracted a lot of attention, with thousands of users commenting that they couldn’t wait to try it. And if the customer reviews on the face Bra website are to be believed, this thing really is a gem.


“Guys seriously at first I was very very sceptical about this thing but like there’s so many good reviews so I decided to give it a try and seriously I’ve never been more amazed in my entire life. I can literally notice that this works and also it really refine my jawline and also my double chin omg!” one testimonial reads.

“I decided to give it a go after reading all the positive reviews. I now know why this item has received so many positive reviews. It really works. My face has always had this one more bigger side and this product started to even out it. My chin also became to look more pointier if you can say that. This product totally became part of my weekly routine,” another review boasts.

If you believe the Face Bra can do everything the people selling it claim it can, you can buy it online for $19.99.