Bubbly Hair – Moscow Barber Washes Clients’ Hair with Champagne

An extravagant barber has become famous in Moscow for offering a different kind of hair washing product. Instead of shampoo, clients can choose to have their locks washed with champagne.

Vilen Knudaverdyan says he came up withe unusual service after performing it on a colleague, as a joke. The woman was leaving for another job, and during the farewell party they organized for her at the hair salon they decided to wash her hair with champagne. She apparently loved it, so he decided to offer it as a paid service for clients as well. Now his Moscow salon is famous for the champagne hair wash.

Photo: JordanStimpson/Pixabay

“The effect is fantastic, people feel like they are living the posh life,” Vilen said in an interview with Caters News. “It is very popular and some of our customers even bring their own bottles of champagne to the shop.”


The process is fairly straightforward. Knudaverdyan first runs warm water through the client’s hair, then slowly pours champagne over it, and massages their scalp. It’s unclear if he rinses the hair afterwards, but he must, though, right? I’ve never washed my hair with champagne before, but I’m thinking it might leave it sticky. But even rinsed, it must still smell of bubbly.

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