Canadian Axe-Throwing Bar Proves Big Hit

Combining razor-sharp axes and alcohol sounds like a very bad idea, but it seems to be working for the Timber Lounge, a popular axe-throwing bar in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Timber Lounge offers patrons sick of urban sports like bowling, darts or pool a new way to unwind. Axe-throwing has long been a popular pastime among lumberjacks in Nova Scotia, and Darren Hudson, a fifth-generation sawmill operator from Shelburne County, decided to bring it to the masses. He partnered with fellow axe-throwing enthusiast Marc Chisholm and together they founded the city’s first axe-throwing lounge. Adrenalin junkies can get their fix by balancing sharp hatchets and double-edged axes over their heads before hurling them at painted wooden bullseyes. Between sessions, they can step into the lounge area to enjoy Nova Scotia food and craft beers.


Beer and sharp axes don’t really go well together, but Hudson says safety is their top priority. The most important rule of the Timber Lounge is that no one throws axes when they’re too intoxicated. Coaches employed here give beginners quick lessons on how to handle and throw the axes and are also responsible with keeping an eye on patrons and making sure they don’t drink too much alcohol. Also, weapons are always stored safely away from the lounge area, which is separated by the throwing lanes by a wood and Plexiglass wall.

“Axe throwing is great because it’s for everybody,” Hudson says. “Within just one evening someone can get exceptionally good at it. This year I’ve seen six people throw a bullseye on their first throw, it’s such a gratifying feeling.” And judging by how popular the Timber Lounge has become in just a few months since its grand opening, it’s clear that locals have really taking a liking to it.


“The group bookings have been coming in steady and usually on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, we’re just packed,” co-owner Marc Chisholm says. “Typically groups range from eight to 14 people and we’ve had a few bachelor parties come through.” The pastime has become so popular that there’s now a local axe-throwing league being held at the Timber Lounge every Wednesday.

Axe-throwing at the Timber Lounge costs $25 to $35 for a 90-minute, two-lane session.


Photos: The Timber Lounge/Facebook

Sources: CBC, Global News

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