Car Powered by Coke and Mentos Travels 239 Feet

We’ve seen countless videos on the Internet of the disastrous effects of Coke mixed with Mentos candy, but someone actually thought of putting the phenomenon to good use. Presenting – the Coke and Mentos powered car.

Developed by Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz from Maine, Mark II is a single-seat rocket car. When powered by 54 bottles of Coke Zero and 324 Mentos, it is able to travel 239 feet. This is an improvement over Mark I which traveled 230 feet last year, using up to double the fuel. According to Voltz, the car they’ve invented works on the simple mechanism of piston-and-cylinder. The car is quite powerful, he says, and warns people from trying the experiment at home.

Grobe and Voltz are not new to these kinds of inventions. Five years ago, they became famous when they made videos of large colorful geysers set to music, that also worked on ‘soda and candy’ fuel. While the video of the Mark II car is funny, the car itself is not very appealing to the eyes. It’s in fact quite hideous, with all the bottles of Coke plainly visible. It creates a huge mess as it is propelled forward, with large amounts of coke spurted backwards, literally like a rocket.


The innovative duo might be very interested in the use Coke and Mentos can be put to, but we hardly think this is next in line as an alternative fuel.