Chinese Couple Convert Cargo Truck into Mobile Home

Unable to buy a real house, a young couple in Kunming, China, have opted to convert a small cargo truck into a comfy mobile home.

It’s hard to imagine someone living comfortably in the back of a truck, but the high housing prices in China have forced young people to be resourceful and find all kinds of original alternatives. Last year, a young Chinese student from Beijing built himself a sustainable egg-house from bamboo and insulating materials, and now a young couple have turned a cargo truck into an 8.5-square-meter living space.

It’s not the spaciest home ever built, but it features just about everything anyone needs to live a decent life, including a small kitchen with a sink and electric stove, bunk-beds, refrigerator, flat screen TV and even a computer. The only thing that isn’t shown in the photos is also one of the most important – the toilet, but, even if they haven’t improvised one on their truck, I’m sure they have some way of dealing with personal hygiene.

Since the cargo truck and its conversion into a mobile home cost only 130,000 yuan ($20,000), and because of its comprehensive features, Chinese netizens have already dubbed it the most “niu” mobile home in history, where “niu” stands for “amazing” or “impressive”. Hopefully, they won’t be contacted by some Chinese authority and forced to dismantle their ingenious home, as was the case with the above-mentioned student, Daihai Fei.






via China Smack