Chinese Farmer Builds Lamborghini Reventon from Scrap Metal

28-year old Wang Jian, a mechanic and farmer from China’s Jiangsu province, has spent the last year building himself a home-made replica of the Lamborghini Reventon, one of the world’s most exclusive sport cars.

Wang developed a passion for cars at a very young age, and even worked at an auto shop for 10 years before opening his own business. Although he had a chance to work on many different cars, the young mechanic felt like something was missing from his life. It was his very own Lamborghini Reventon, a beautiful Italian sport car priced around $1.3 million. And as if the price wasn’t prohibitive enough, Wang Jian knew only a few of these gems had been produced by the Italian car maker, and all of them were sold to wealthy buyers most of who’s names remain a mystery. But he wasn’t going to let these kind of technicalities stand in the way of owning his own Lamborghini Reventon, so he decided that if he couldn’t buy one, he was going to build it. He set in plan in motion in May of last year, buying an old Volkswagen, and a small Reventon model car to use as reference.

The 28-year-old car enthusiast worked hard on his project, re-welding the chassis of the secondhand Volkswagen, moving the engine from the front to the back and cutting pieces of scrap metal to build the Reventon’s aerodynamic frame. It took him a whole year to finish this labor of love, but apart from “minor”details like the lack of paint, a top speed that any bicycle could probably beat, and a Sparta n interior, Wang Jian got his coveted Lamborghini Reventon, and it had only cost him $9,500. Sadly, the police won’t let him register his sport car, for safety reasons, so instead of driving it on the open road to impress his friends, the young farmer uses it to transport fertilizer…

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Chinese seem to have a fascination with home-made Lamborghinis. Just last year we wrote about another car enthusiast who built himself a Lamborghini Reventon, and a few months ago I wrote about this Chinese mechanic who builds and sells 99% identical Lamborghini Murcielago cars. And let’s not forget the not so accurate yellow Lamborghini built by Chen Jingmiao.

via Daily Mail