Chinese Football Fans Build Their Own Pitch on Roof of Car Park Building

A group of football fans in Zhenzhou, China, have literally taken football to new heights by building their very own 900-square-meter pitch on the roof of a car park building, right in the city center.

XuGong, the mastermind behind this impressive undertaking, told Chinese media that he has been a huge football fan since childhood, but growing up in Zhengzhou city, he always had problems finding a venue to practice his favorite sport. The only available one was located too far away and he could only use it once a week. After nearly a decade of frustration, Xu decided to fix the problem by building a pitch of his own. He convinced his friends and fellow football fans to pool all their savings into building their very own football field, but finding a piece of land in their busy city was a huge challenge. After months of searching, they came up with the genius idea on the roof of a building.


The group of football fanatics spent one month building the 900 square meter pitch on top of a two-storey car park on Zijing Shan Road and  even had enough space to add a smaller one adjacent to it. The artificial pitch comes fully loaded with all sorts of cool features, including LED lighting, a protective metal fence, and nets that prevent the ball from going out of bounds.


Given that the pitch is located in the city center, Xu and his friends make it a point to play only after 3pm, and keep the noise level down so as not to disturb people working in the nearby offices.


After photos of the rooftop private football field went viral in China, it has been attracting a steady stream of local football fans who rent it out by the hour.


Interestingly, this is not the only rooftop football field in China. Last year, football fans in Anhui city made headlines after building a bitch on the roof of a 20-meter-high industrial hall (pictured in the photo above).

Photos: China News

via GB Times

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