Chinese Man Confesses Crush on Work Colleague with 99 Brand New iPhones

In a geeky display of love, a game designer from Guangzhou city, China, confessed his feelings to a co-worker, surrounded by 99 brand new iPhones. The extravagant gesture cost the man a whopping 500,000 yuan (over $80,000) – two years’ worth of his savings.

The man stacked up the 99 boxes of phones in the shape of a heart in the middle of the office parking lot during break. He then stood in the center with a bouquet of roses, ready to profess his undying love. The woman arrived at the scene after some cajoling and pressure from the rest of the co-workers. She apparently heard him out, but hasn’t given him a reply yet.


The incident caused waves on Chinese social media; thousands of users were stunned by the man’s lavish proposal. It seems that he came up with the whole thing in preparation for the upcoming Single’s Day on November 11, when thousands of Chinese youth pull off such bizarre proposals, but on a much smaller scale.


Looks like he did score one over the businessman who gifted his entire high school class gold embossed iPhones during a reunion dinner. Either way, the Chinese do seem to be obsessed with buying Apple products in bulk!


Source: Shanghaiist

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