Chinese Man Proves That Eating 54 Ice Creams in One Sitting Is Not a Good Idea

A 44-year-old man from Quzhou, China’s Zhejiang province, was recently hospitalized with severe kidney problems, after eating a whopping 54 ice creams in one sitting, and washing them down with ice water.

The man, surnamed Zheng, was at his home, on July 15, when he began to feel the effects of the heatwaves that have been sweeping China for the last few weeks. Tired and dehydrated after a hot day, Zheng went to his refrigerator and grabbed an ice cream to cool off. Problem was that that first ice-cream only made him crave another, and then another, so he kept eating them until he went through all the 54 frozen treats he had in his fridge. I’ve never head of anyone having that many ice-creams in their home, but apparently this guy did.

Anyway, after having his fill of ice cream, Zheng felt parched, so he quenched his thirst with a glass of ice water, and went to bed. he apparently had a good night’s sleep, but complained of stomach pains when he woke up. He tried eating some breakfast but ended up throwing up everything. With his stomach pain getting worse and not being able to hold down anything, the 44-year-old went to the Quzhou local community hospital, where he was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and put on a drip.

Zheng’s stomach quickly got better, but he started exhibiting other symptoms that doctors assumed were linked to his kidneys. He was referred to a higher level hospital where he was diagnosed with an acute kidney malfunction. The news article published by South China Morning Post doesn’t specify exactly how the ice cream affected his kidneys, or if the ice water had something to do with it as well. We don’t really know what his official diagnosis is, just that his health is currently under control.

So, the next time you feel like binging on dozens of ice creams, don’t!

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