Chinese Man Shocked to Learn His Pregnant Bride Was Actually a Guy

In the span of just one year, a young Chinese conman reportedly managed to fool 11 other men into thinking that he was their dream girl before disappearing with large sums of money. Believe it or not, the guy even managed to trick one of them into a wedding after telling him that “she” was pregnant.

A man surnamed Wang, from China’s Huaiyang county, recently got the shock of his life after police told him that his “pregnant” runaway bride was actually a guy cross-dressing as a woman. Last October, Wang was overjoyed when his girlfriend, who he had met online, told him she was expecting a baby. The man’s family shared their happiness and immediately started planning a big wedding and grand feast. The joyous event went off without a hitch, but three days later, the bride simply vanished, taking with her gifts and valuables worth tens of thousands of Chinese yuan. He was probably to embarrassed to report his wife missing just days from the wedding, and his family thought they probably had a fight, so they didn’t alert the authorities either.


Around the same time, another young man from neighboring Ruzhou city notified authorities that a woman claiming to be named Miao Xiaomin, who he had met online, had tricked him into giving her 31,000 yuan before disappearing without a trace. Following what few leads they had, police officers managed to contact this Xiaomin person and lure her into an internet cafe. They planned on arresting a charming young female con artist, but they were surprised to see the suspect was dressed as a man and carried a male identity card for 27-year-old Miao Songtao.

It was only after searching Songtao’s residence that everything started to make some sense. They found skirts, wigs, high heel shoes and cosmetic masks and even women’s underwear. In an interview with reporters at the local jail, Miao Songtao said he had always been interested in women’s clothes and accessories and was unsure if he fancied men or women. What he has positive about was that he liked money.


The 27-year-old conman confessed to defrauding 11 boyfriends out of hundreds of thousands of yuan, in the last year. Interestingly, only one of them reported “her” to the police.

Somewhat understandably, many Chinese internet users have been left impressed by his skills. After all, men posing as women online is not unheard of, but a guy convincing another dude into a wedding on grounds of pregnancy is pretty darn special.


“Fooling that many people, it’s really no wonder that Mulan was able to stay in the army for years with no one suspecting her secret,” one user wrote. “I just want to know… how they did it?” another asked. That’s actually a pretty good question.

Sources: People’s Daily Online, Shanghaiist


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