Chinese Man Spends $30,000 over 12 Years on Impressive Transformers Collection

Zhang Wei, a retired soldier from Qingdao city, China’s Shandong Province, is a huge fan of Transformers. The 38-year-old has been collecting Transformers models of varying sizes since 2002. And when he got married, his wife joined him with great enthusiasm. Today, the couple’s home is filled with a massive collection of 380 models worth a whopping US $32,000.

Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Red Spider, Metroplex and pretty much every other transformer feature in Zhang’s collection, neatly arranged on special shelves fitted on to his living room walls. His favorite pastime is to dismantle each model and assemble it again.


“I had a few of them years ago and was fascinated by the way they switched between being a robot and then into something else like a car or plane, and that interest really developed after I left work and had more time on my hands,” said Zhang. “I started to speak to other collectors and really build up my own set, and I’m really lucky that my wife supports me.”


Although the couple have spent a lot of money on their collection, they have no plans to stop anytime soon. “If the economic conditions permit, one doesn’t need to consider the cost of a hobby,” Zhang said with a nonchalant smile.

Pictures of Zhang’s collection are all over the internet, and several commenters are expressing awe and admiration over the models. “Luckily, your wife is supportive,” one person wrote.


His wife Zhang Tsai, 33, said: “I don’t know about support, but certainly when it comes to hobbies, there are a lot worse things that he could do to pass the time. When the shelves went up and I saw them all round the living room I thought it was a bit creepy – but you get used to them, even if it’s a pain when it comes to dusting.”


“They perhaps haven’t had their baby, otherwise, those will be torn down by their kid soon,” a commenter observed wisely.

via Shanghaiist

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