Chinese Parents Take Their Son to Court to Force Him to Get a Job

An elderly Chinese couple were recently forced to go to court to teach their freeloading son a lesson. Xu Qing, the 29-year-old son, never went to work because he found it too boring. He chose a life of comfort at his parents’ home instead, where all his needs were being met. But the situation got out of hand when he brought his girlfriend to live with him, and expected the same service for her as well.

It all started when Qing, an only child, left university; he simply refused to go to work like other people his age. His mother, Xu Hsing, cooked and cleaned for him out of love. Qing was the typical spoilt son – he ate, slept and surfed the internet all day long. His father Ku managed to find him a job, but he quit after only three months because it was too dull.

Soon, Qing managed to meet a jobless woman online, and the pair hit it off. She moved in with the family after dating Qing for only a month. The parents were horrified, and much to their chagrin, discovered that they were expected to cook and clean for the girlfriend as well! This was the last straw – they put down an ultimatum asking Qing to get a job or move out.


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Neither Qing nor his girlfriend cared, so the hapless parents decided to appeal to the court for help. The judge ruled in favor of the parents, saying that they were not obligated to provide for their adult son. Shockingly, even the court ruling had no effect on the young couple – it’s been over 60 days since they were asked to leave and they still haven’t budged.

So the parents were then forced to go to court again – they are now applying for an eviction notice to have bailiffs remove their son and his girlfriend from the property. The story has been reported widely by the Chinese media; it is now being regarded as a direct consequence of China’s obsession with the one-child policy.


According to many, the policy has created a generation of Chinese youths who have been spoilt and have grown up with a false sense of entitlement. Most internet users are blaming Qing’s parents: “Having this kind of son is really pathetic,” wrote one commenter. “Just keep it in mind: Don’t spoil kids.”

“It’s just a mirror of today’s education,” wrote another. “The parents have brought up such a spoiled prince. They actually asked for it!”


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