Chinese Shoppers Go Crazy for Apples Kissed by Flight Attendants

An insane new trend in China has online stores selling apples kissed by air hostesses at jacked-up prices. The ads for these apples show photographs of women dressed like stewardesses – thought to be trainees at Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation – holding up the apples against their red lips. Some listings even have videos of the women actually kissing the apples.

The marketing strategy is obviously targeted at men, with lines like “take home the kisses of an air hostess.” Some sellers claim their apples have been kissed by as many as 500 stewardesses. Others are offering custom orders, based on buyers’ preferences. The apples are priced between 9.9yuan and 129.9yan ($1.53 to $20) per fruit, depending on the variety, while some shops are putting together ‘kiss hampers’ with apples and Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

kissed apples2

One retailer, Meng Ling, told Daily Mail: “We are the Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation. The income from this ‘air hostess kiss’ campaign will be used to set up a University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurial fund to help more students realise their career dreams.”

kissed apples

“Another portion of the income will be donated to an old people’s home,” he added.

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Although the scheme has been met with criticism and hostility online, and very few kissed apples have been sold, the students’ idea has quickly caught on – the photographs have gone viral and lots of fruit sellers around China are partnering with air hostesses to boost sales this holiday season.

kissed apples3

“I was expecting Apple to be one of the best selling products, but not real apples,” an online commentator joked.

Photos: People’s Daily Online

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