Coolest Finds of the Week #15

Sea of Blood – Whales Slaughtered on the Beaches of Faeroe (Environmental Graffiti)

Fully Functional Nikon DSLR Halloween Costume (Petapixel)

Awesome Shaolin Kung-Fu Kid Is Awesome (YouTube)

India’s Real-Life Slumdog Millionaire (Asylum)

Halloween Creepiness – The Enfield Poltergeist Story (Daily Mail)

Jail Made Even Scarier for Halloween (Inside Local)

Disturbing Baby Chewbacca Doll (Technabob)

Artist Covers Entire Hotel Room in Knitting (The Sun)

Polish Priests Bless Manhole Covers to Keep Them Safe (Orange News)

13 Most Incredibly Shaped Islands on Earth (Environmental Graffiti)

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