Coolest Finds of the Week #40

Beijing Sets “2 Flies”Limit for Public Toilets (BBC)

British Farmers Use Sun Cream to Save Piglets’ Bacon (Cumbria Crack)

Fujairah’s Amazing Bullfighting Tradition (Environmental Graffiti)

World’s Smallest Artificial Heart Saves Baby’s Life (Geekologie)

World’s Meatiest Sandwich Has 41 Different Cuts of Meat (Daily Mail)

Stuntman Skydives without Parachute (YouTube)

Zillion Dollar Fritata – World’s Most Expensive Omlet (Mirror)

Man Rides Mountain Bike Down 1,000 Steps (Newslite)

Delicately-Crafted Glass Sculptures (My Modern Met)

15 Freakish Creatures from the Depths of the Russian White Sea (Environmental Graffiti)

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