Couple Turn Their Home into Christmas Extravaganza

With the holiday season in full swing, we’re hearing stories from everywhere about the crazy Christmas decorations that people put up. The latest addition to the news is a couple from Greenwood, Indiana, who have taken their home decorations to new heights, covering every single room in their home.

Nine years ago, Brandon Smith and Dennis Guyette started off by decorating a few trees each year, as a hobby. Now, they’ve transformed their hobby into a full-fledged tourist attraction. They say that the people who loved their work encouraged them to keep adding more, and open their home for public view. Overall, there are 68 Christmas trees in their house, each one decorated with a different theme. The decorations extend into each and every room, even the kitchen and the bathroom. They look for and purchase Christmas decorations from all over the country, and when they’re finished, visitors are allowed every December from 6 to 10 pm. They do not charge an entry fee. The neighbors love them, and their holiday hobby. They’re used to seeing a long line of cars parked outside every year, but they don’t mind it in the least.

Daniel Tomamichel who lives next door, says he couldn’t ask for better neighbors. “Brandon and Dennis, they’re a wonderful addition to this neighborhood. They do every holiday above and beyond.” The number of people who visit has been on a steady rise. Last year, they had a total of 1,000 visitors. This year the number’s already crossed 600. Weekends are the busiest, but the couple don’t mind at all. Smith says he loves to see people happy, the looks on their faces and their reactions. Even the so called grinches leave with smiling faces, which is very satisfying for them. We can’t help wondering though, how they do their “duties” in a bathroom full of Christmas decorations.


via The Indy Channel

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