Creepy Cremation Urn Shaped Like a Severed Head Makes Photos Obsolete

Who needs photos of a departed loved-one when you can have a detailed urn shaped just like their severed head to keep their ashes in?

People are always coming up with offbeat ways of immortalizing their dearly-departed, but this has to be the creepiest yet. In the past, we’ve seen people’s ashes used to make decorative beads, or as material for detailed portraits, and even to make playable vinyl records, but this latest option from Cremation Solutions is definitely the most shocking. The Arlington Vermont company creates unique urns shaped exactly like the head of the deceased, using using state of the art 3D imaging techniques. All they need is one or two photos of the subject and they’ll send you a detailed polymer compound urn mounted on a marble base.

Advertised as “a new and exciting way to memorialize your loved one” on the Cremation Solutions website, these severed head urns come in two sizes. The full size urn stands at 11″ inches and will hold the ashes of an adult, while the keepsake-sized one is only 6″ and can hold only part of the ashes. For short haired people, the hair can be added digitally to the urn, while for longer hair, a wig can be added according to specifications. Prices range from $600 for the smaller cremation urn to $2,600 for the larger one.

Judging by the model displayed on the official site (which, by the way, is a rendition of President Barrack Obama’s head…) these guys can create a pretty accurate head, but would you really want one of these things in your house?

via Coolest Gadgets

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