Detroit Homeowner Uses Dummies Dressed as Gang Members to Deter Real Criminals

Who needs live security guards when a pair of dummies can do the job? A Detroit homeowner from the city’s west side has been putting this theory into practice for the past few weeks, with excellent results.

Detroit’s news channel Local 4 reported the story in detail. While the homeowner preferred to remain anonymous, we do get to hear snippets of his voice during the video coverage. “This is my home, my castle,” he says. And he’s converted his castle into a fortress of sorts with a security system, sensor lights, bars on windows, double screen doors and two dogs. The icing on the cake: two security guards stationed at the front door 24/7. If you look closely, you’ll realize they’re just dummies (the kind used for CPR training) dressed as gang members.

The man says he got the idea after several break-ins occurred and he couldn’t afford insurance premiums. His insurance company actually told him that they see risk all around his home – vacant homes and constant crime. So he has been making efforts to minimize that risk. In perfect Home Alone style, he’s doing his best to outsmart burglars.


The dummy security guards have caught the attention of neighbors and even the police. “Police come through here, they look, stop, talk to me, ask some questions about them and tell me this is good,” he says. So obviously it isn’t going to take too long for burglars to catch up. But Detroit dude isn’t worried about that. “You may see them and get past them, but once you get past them you got to go by the problems in the house – and that’s me,” he declares.

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For now, the dummies are doing their job pretty well. There have been no break-ins since they made an appearance. Detroit dude says he’s not the only one using dummies, he got the idea from a house on the city’s east side.

Source: Click on Detroit

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