Do Body-Painted Models Make Coffins and Death Look Sexy?

Lindner, Poland’s biggest coffin manufacturer, certainly thinks so, since they’ve been using scantly clad models to market their products for the last three years. For the 2012 edition of their controversial sexy-morbid calendar they’ve used body-painted models.

The first edition of the Lindner Calendar appeared in 2010 and featured artistic photos of female models dressed in sexy outfits posing with coffins. It sparked quite a controversy, with members of the church calling it tasteless and shocking, but Lindner sold 3,000 copies and decided to release a second edition, the following year. the 2011 Lindner Calendar featured drop-dead gorgeous ladies wearing lingerie performing famous scenes from movies like James Bond, Reservoir Dogs or The Godfather alongside more of the company’s high-end coffins.

The 2012 calendar takes the shock factor to a whole new level, as the models trade their clothes for a coat of body-paint that leaves very little to the imagination. A Lindner spokesman said the company wanted to branch out internationally, so they’ve used sexy versions of various European traditional costumes. The models look pretty hot, I’ll give them that, but for some reason those coffins just kill it for me. While many marketers say this is a great example of modern marketing, there are also a lot of people who find this kind of advertising disgusting. What do you think, do gorgeous models make coffins and death seem sexy?

The photos in Lindner’s 2012 calendar were a little too NSFW by my standards, but you can check them out in the YouTube video at the bottom, or directly on the calendar page.




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