Donald Trump Fans in India Hold Bizarre Birthday Party for Their Idol

On Tuesday, members of an Indian right-wing group in New Delhi held a bizarre party in honor of US Republican party candidate Donald Trump’s birthday.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, is really popular among members of the Hindu Sena group, in India. So much so that on Tuesday, June 14th, many of them got together at one of Delhi’s most famous landmarks to celebrate his birthday. There was cake, balloons, birthday hats and even a life-size cardboard cutout of the American businessman. Everyone cheered, laughed and even tried giving cardboard Trump a slice of the colorful cake. The Indian press called the birthday bash one of the most hilarious events in recent history.


Photo: Twitter

“He is our hero. We follow every occasion related to him,” said Vishu Gupta, acting president of Hindu Sena. The obscure right-wing Indian group claims they honor Donald Trump for his firm anti-terror rhetoric, including his controversial proposal to temporarily ban Muslim non-citizens from entering the United States, and often refer to him as “the savior of humanity” or “the messiah against Islamic terror”.


Photo: Hindu Sena

Prior to the birthday party, Hindu Sena members handed out colorful invitations to the event around New Delhi, which mainly attracted the attention of local media. On the day Trump turned 70, Gupta and his colleagues told reporters that they consider him their “hero” and asked him to fulfill his promise to ride the world of Islamic terrorism. They then proceeded to cut the three-tiered cake, pop balloons, and of course, sing The Donald “Happy Birthday”. It was very special.


Photo: Twitter

This wasn’t the first time the little-known group publicly showed their support for Donald Trump. Last month, they organized a havan (traditional prayer) asking the Hindu gods for Trump’s success in the U.S. Presidential elections. Surrounded by statues of Hindu deities, members of Hindu Sena lit a ritualistic fire, chanted Sanskrit prayers and threw various offering into the fire.


Photo: Hindu Sena

Despite being mocked for their efforts, Trump’s Indian super fans remain undeterred and plan to organise similar events in the future including a rally outside the American embassy in New Delhi and the JNU campus, after the new academic year begins.


No word on how Donald Trump reacted to news of his birthday celebration in India, but of I were to guess, he probably said it was the best party, with the best cake, organized by the best supporters. Some Trump steaks and Trump water would have been nice, though…

Sources: Indian Express, Daily O

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