Elderly Chinese Man Lives in Secluded Mausoleum Preparing for His Eternal Rest

After losing his entire family a long time ago, a Chinese doctor built his own mausoleum in the mountains of Hunan Province and has been living in it ever since, waiting for his eternal rest.

92-year-old Liang Fusheng had a beautiful family once, but he lost both his wife and his three children to disease, years ago. Left with no one to take care of him in his old age and unwilling to become a burden for the villagers he had spent a lifetime looking after, the grieving doctor started building his own mausoleum in the 1990s. He paid the villagers to carry construction materials up the rocky terrain all the way to a steep cliff overlooking the deep valley he called home, and spent 14 years and 260,000 yuan ($38,000) building his eternal resting place.

But instead of sealing it of until his time came, Liang Fusheng moved in as soon as it was finished. He has been living there on his own ever since, going to sleep in his sealed coffin every night. He doesn’t want anyone to worry about burying him, and to make that very clear, he has surrounded the mausoleum with barbed wire, and fitted it with five security locks that he always keeps locked.

After hearing his heartbreaking story, Chinese reporters visited Liang at his secluded mausoleum and learned that the elderly doctor is adamant that he wants to be left alone after he passes away in his chosen resting place. To that end, he claims to have implemented a variety of traps and security measures meant to keep people out, and even placed a warning sign at the entrance to the mausoleum. In it, he kindly asks the villagers not to enter the building, adding that they would be doing so at their own risk.

Even though the 92-year-old doctor still helps out the villagers whenever they have need of him, doing checkups and writing prescriptions, he has said his goodbye year ago, when he held a banquet, inviting everyone to eat and drink in his honor, as if he had already passed away.

Sources: CGTN, Aboluowang (Chinese)

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