Filipino Man Suffering From Chest Pains Shocked to Find Knife Blade Lodged in Chest

A Filipino man who had been experiencing sharp chest pains in cold weather, learned that he had a four-inch-long knife blade lodged in his chest after doing a routine X-ray.

25-year-old Kent Ryan Tomao was more than a bit confused when doctors told him that he had an an “object resembling a knife” stuck in his chest, very close to one of his lungs. He had undergone an X-ray exam required to apply for a mining job in Agusan del Sur, and never imagined there was anything wrong with him. He told doctors in Kidapawan City that he had sometimes experienced stabbing pains in his chest on unusually cold days, but didn’t think too much of them. He certainly didn’t think there was a knife blade in his chest.

“I always wonder why I feel some pain in my chest when the weather is cold. But I have no idea there is a knife in my chest,” Tomao told a local radio station.

Asked if he had any idea how the blade ended up in his chest, Kent told physicians that he had been the victim of a stabbing over a year ago. He was allegedly riding a motorbike one day, last June, when he was attacked and stabbed by a gang of youths. He didn’t remember much about the incident, except that he was almost lifeless when he was brought to the hospital, where doctors managed to save him.

Kent had always assumed that doctors performed all the necessary tests before releasing him, and he certainly never imagined they had left a knife blade in his chest. He never had any reason to, as he only experienced chest pains during cold weather.

Despite the shocking discovery, the 25-year-old man said that he has no plans of suing the doctor who treated him after getting stabbed last year, In fact, he even declined to name them, as not to make any problems for him. All he wants now is to have the blade removed so he can apply for that mining job.


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