For English Family Living in the Middle of a Cemetery Every Day Is Halloween

Would you be brave enough to spend a night in an old mortuary chapel surrounded by dozens of graves? One English family is more than happy to sleep in such a house every night, and say it’s actually their dream home.

Jayne Stead and partner Mike Blatchford didn’t seem to mind the creepy graves and spooky statues when they decided to move into an old cemetery keeper’s lodge, in Southampton, England. The cemetery didn’t put us off. We don’t spook easily, in fact I love watching scary films and television shows,” 52-year-old Jayne told reporters. When we first had a look around it was really run down, there were graves everywhere but it never really felt scary, there was very nice feeling about the place.” Self-employed builder Mike Bletchford spend a whole year and about £100,000 ($160,000) turning the chapel into a home for his family, and today you couldn’t tell the living room was once a mortuary… But, while they’ve never seen a ghost in their unusual home, the couple admit they have witnessed some bizarre occurrences:  “I’ve been sitting on my own in the living room and I’ve felt like there was someone standing behind me a few times,” Ms Stead said. “I’ve also found the dog barking at nothing in the corner of the room, but it’s not scary.”

Nobody knows what it’s going to be like living in a cemetery, Jayne admits, and although she and her three kids were never spooked by their surroundings, they decided to first rent their old house instead of selling it, just so they could have a back-up plan, in case of zombies, ghouls, ghosts, etc. Now, they say the old cemetery keeper’s lodge feels so homely that even guests sometimes forget they’re in the middle of a cemetery. But people passing through the burial ground never forget, and when they look through the old mortuary chapel windows and see them watching TV or doing whatever else normal people do in their homes, they “jump a million miles”, according to Ms. Stead.

There’s no greater proof that the Stead-Blatchford family is living in the creepiest house in Southampton that the fact that in all the years they’ve been living in their mortuary chapel, no one has ever come trick-or-treating on Halloween. Suspecting they’re too afraid to venture down the path leading through a cemetery on the scariest night of the year on their own initiative, this year the couple has invited local school children to visit their house on Halloween.

via Daily Mail

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